Friday, December 30, 2016

Fast away the old year passes ...

I ordered up some lunar new year cards yesterday --- from Amazon. Try to buy at home when I can, but Tet cards as a rule are not stocked in Lucas County. These are shipping from The Great Wall book store in Las Vegas --- next time you're there, check it out. Managed to get this order in under the wire --- Amazon will begin charging Iowa sales tax on Jan. 1.

The Year of the Rooster arrives officially on Jan. 28 and I see that were I celebrating in Saigon (now officially Ho Chi Minh City), which I did once upon a time, the seven-day period from Jan. 26 through Feb. 1 would be one big national holiday.

The symbolism seems kind of appropriate this year --- our president-elect reminds me of a rooster. It will be interesting to see how he does; the usual fate of roosters once they've outlived their usefulness or annoyed one too many neighbor is to be served up in sauce atop a plate of noodles after being tenderized in a pressure cooker.

The new Gregorian year, 2017, begins on Jan. 1 and I've been seeing and hearing a lot of "good riddance" expressed in regard to 2016. I can understand that if personal disasters were involved, but my granny always used to admonish, "don't wish your life away" every time the kids moaned about how awful the present was and began projecting themselves into an uncertain future.

So I'm going to enjoy every last minute of 2016 and enter both 2017, then the Year of the Rooster, hopefully.

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norm prince said...

Just thinking back on this year and I wish to thank you for all your thoughts and offerings via your blog. Most were welcomed and interesting additions to begin my day and I appreciate your time and effort. Looking forward with some apprehension but also with the hope to be around to enjoy all life has to offer. A thought to close the year - if you read Forward Day by Day, the past month has been most enjoyable and educational.
peace and a good life in the new year.