Friday, November 18, 2016

Last rose of summer, garlic & Spam

It's an unseasonably mild 62 degrees here this morning, but the polar express will be pulling in overnight so I spent yesterday, off and on, doing odd jobs on the museum campus.

Admiring, among other things, the last roses and marigolds of the season.

Some brussels sprouts, too.

And removing the garlic crop, curing in the Pioneer Barn since summer, dividing big bulbs into cloves, then heading down to the garden to plant. The rest of the crop now is in the office awaiting distribution.

Jim plowed up a spot for next year's crop Tuesday while dealing with invasive growth in what some call the weed patch, others, the prairie. So I was ready to go. I'll get the mulching done in the next day or two.

It   was a beautiful, moody day --- mild and windy; colorful leaves still hanging on here and there.

And the Pioneer Cabin was looking especially photogenic.

Gardening is fairly well over for the season, but Kay tells me that there still are five newly arrived hydrangeas that we'll most likely heel in somewhere then place permanently in the spring.

The new pavement still has another week to cure before we can park on it, so if you're headed for the museum campus remember that the north entrance will be closed for another week --- then we'll be in parking heaven, at least at the Lewis Building.

As far as we know, the electricians still plan to relight the Vredenburg Gallery before Christmas --- then that year-long project will be complete.

The Soup and Bread Fair went spectacularly, thank you very much; and now we're looking forward to DazzleFest on Nov. 26. Our live windows on the square before, during and after the lighted Christmas parade will be at Hammer Medical Supply. We're going to have a World War II-era theme. The Milledge Sisters (yeah!) will be singing seasonal and other favorites from that era. And our Christmas tree will be decked in red, white and blue lights, American flags --- and cans of Spam. Hope to see you then.

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