Friday, November 04, 2016

As the politicking winds down ...

... I spent some time late yesterday afternoon --- with several others --- visiting with U.S. Rep. Dave Loebsack, the Democrat incumbent who represent's southeast Iowa's 24-county Second Congressional District.

Loebsack is making a final election cycle swing through all 24 counties of his district this week. We sent him off to Des Moines with carry-out from Hy-Vee to spend the night before hitting the campaign trail near there again this morning.

You've got to admire the stamina of candidates of all party affiliations who put themselves through this for us --- especially U.S. representatives, who do it every two years.


My election-season outlook has countinued to improve after a fresh round of "unfriending" on Facebook. The total here is going to be under 10, by the way --- it's by no means a mass purge. I have no problem with people of any persuasion who share opinions in their own words or "share" responsibly.

One older "friend" was axed yesterday for sharing a "news" story alleging that Michelle Obama is a transgender man, thereby expressing both her inner racism --- and homophobia --- in one fell swoop. A younger "friend" --- with young children --- fell by the wayside after sharing a profanity-laced quote falsely attributed to one of the candidates. I'd rather have washed a mouth out with soap here, but there's no way to do that digitally.

I've read an opinion here and there that it's somehow wrong to "unfriend," but I figure in most cases that no one should feel obligated to tolerate behavior in a virtual home that wouldn't be tolerated in a real one.


Ann, Kathleen, Bob, Jim and I (aka the Events Committee) got together at the museum yesterday morning to do some planning for our last two events of the year --- neither on campus.

On Wednesday, Nov. 16, we'll be serving up our own soup at Carpenters Hall at noon and again in the evening as participants in the annual Soup and Bread Fair, which benefits Lucas County Health Services Volunteer Services. Volunteer Services coordinates the efforts of the dozens of fine volunteers who keep us operating and this is a great way to show support for that fine organization.

Then on Friday evening, Nov. 25, we'll be putting together one of the live-window displays on the square that along with the lighted Christmas parade make Dazzle Fest such a great event. We've think we've got a great theme, lots of interesting stuff to look at and have lined up live music, too. We'll be in the widows at Hammer Medical Supply this year. More details later. Should be lots of fun.


Now take a deep breath and persevere. The election will soon be over and life will go on.

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