Sunday, March 20, 2016

A Palm Sunday processional

Whoa --- here it is the first day of spring. And Palm Sunday. This combination doesn't occur that often. So a Palm Sunday processional seems in order.

My favorite thing about Palm Sunday? We get to use the red paraments --- and that doesn't happen often. If I'm remembering correctly, only so far as Sundays are concerned on Pentecost, unless it's a special occasion.

In some Episcopal churches, providing they're so situated as to allow it, everyone marches out of the church after the Liturgy of the Palms, around the building and back inside before the rest of the service begins.

That's what's going on here (during 2014) at the Scottish Episcopal Church's Cathedral Church of St. Mary in Glasgow --- with pipes, drums, a thurifer twirling her thurible and a few dogs, too. What fun!

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D. Ray said...

Oh sure. Looks just like what we did at the United Methodist Church back when I was a kid! (Not) But it does look like it would have made the service more interesting. The only thing I remember from back then was it was the only time all year we got to see actual palm fronds, unless it was a rare year when we got to go to a warmer clime on a family vacation.