Thursday, November 12, 2015

What were these Lutherans up to?

This is one of those photographs in the Lucas County Historical Society collection that incorporates a few puzzles. It's been around a long time, but we're not sure who donated it. We know this was a Swedish Lutheran Church-related occasion --- that's the Rev. O.A. Elmquist, pastor from late 1907 until the spring of 1910, in the center wearing what appears to be a bow tie --- but exactly what was going on is a mystery.

Since the occasion occurred during the Rev. Mr. Elmquist's tenure, we can date this to 1907-1910, most likely 1908-09 since he arrived from Ogden, Utah, during October of 1907 and departed to Minneapolis during April, 1910.

Some information has been handwritten on the back of the photograph --- but many years after it was taken and the identifications are incomplete and a little confusing. 

The header on the back reads, "Swede Hollow Lutheran Church" --- but there was no congregation with that name. People of Swedish descent lived, among others, in Swede Hollow and many, if not most, were Lutheran. But they attended what now is known as First Lutheran Church in Chariton (at the time this photo was taken, what was known as the Swedish Lutheran Church occupied the 1903 building at the intersection of North 8th Street and Roland Avenue).

The oldest notation on the back, written in pencil, reads "Lindquist." So was this a Lindquist home somewhere in the neighborhood of Swede Hollow? 

Here are the identifications as written on the back, but they are incomplete. Any help in sorting this out would be appreciated. Just comment on Facebook or on the blog if you have any ideas.

First row: Peter Lindquist, Mrs. Peter Lindquist, Mrs. John Johnson, Mrs. William Swanson, Mr. William Swanson, Mrs. (    ) Johnson, Mrs. Anna Swanson, Esther Hagg, (line), Elmer Swanson, John Swanson, (grandmother), Ruth Hagg.

Second row: Mrs. Bernice Anderson, Carl Johnson, (     ) Soderstrom, John Carlson, Rev. Elmquist, Richard Swanson and baby, Mr(s). Richard Swanson, John Swanson, Mrs. John (Hilma) Swanson, (Father and Mother), Mrs. Robert Hagg, Mr. Robert Hagg, Mr. Frank Swanson, Mrs. Frank Swanson and son.

Third row: Albert Swanson, Mrs. Albert (Minnie) Swanson, John Carlson, Emma Lindquist, (     ) Hagg, Oscar Lindquist, Henry Johnson (brother), Dave Johnson, Dave Lindquist, Freda Lindquist.


Darlene said...

Check with Ev Brightman. The Haggs were her grandmother & gr-grandparents.

Steve Hanken said...

My guess would be an anniversary, Swedes and Germans seem to be very similar in the way they want to present themselves to others and having the minister say a few words at big family wing dings was usual, having a photo taken, more of an event and including the minister is part of that. See if the paper records any of the people from the church celebrating an anniversary and see if there is a guest list that can pin some of these people down. Since it appears to be in good weather that eliminates the usual wedding in December or January 1! Cuts down the number of pages you have to deal with even if the local paper is a daily!

Linda Shriver said...

I have a Chronology book from 1869 - 1919 which includes a letter from Rev. O.A. Elmquist. It was in the fall of 1907 that he and his family left the mission field of Utah and reached Chariton on October 31, 1907. I will share this book with you soon, as it has much interesting history from that time. I will check oor church library and see what additional light we can shed on this subject. I may find this picture. There is mention of a mission congregagtion in north west Lucas county and one in Lucas as well. Miss Alma Clay is mentioned as th first teacher to teach her kindergartin Sunday School class in English. All othrs were Swedish. I think this group is a prayer meeting group that was held in homes in the Oakley area

Jacob Johnston said...

My great-great-great grandfather Peter Lindquist in this picture, as well as his second wife Albertina sitting next to him and his four children from that second marriage, David b. 1878, Alfreda b. 1880, Oscar b. 1883, and Emma b. 1886. In 1910 Peter and Albertina lived in English township, and on the census record the four Swanson families in the picture can be found on the same page. Perhaps this was at Peter's home.