Monday, November 30, 2015

Sharing soup --- and hope --- with the bishop

The bishop (and his mother) made it down to St. Andrew's for supper on the eve of the feast day of St. Andrew (our patron; happy St. Andrew Day!), the soup was great, the kids were beautifully behaved, I made it to church twice and --- in between --- mostly watched as others cleared out the historical society's Dazzlefest window on the square and decorated the Stephens House for the holidays. Mishaps morning and evening at the organ were minimal. Not a bad Sunday, all in all.

Bishop Alan Scarfe was scheduled to be with us last Sunday, but ended up stranded at the airport in Baltimore when adverse weather disrupted air traffic through Chicago. There was some possibility of ice late this Sunday, but we were spared that. So soup (three varieties) was served at 5, followed by Holy Eucharist.

The bishop already had had a busy day. He had been in Charles City for the morning service at Grace Church, then headed back through Des Moines to pick up his mother before driving on down. Regina Scarfe, whose home is in Yorkshire, is in Iowa to spend the holidays (January and February, too) with the bishop and his family.

My attempt to take a half-way decent photo of the senior Mrs. Scarfe failed because I was too busy eating, but if I'm not mistaken she'll be among the special guests today during Advent Tea at the Cathedral Church of St. Paul in Des Moines in case you'd like to say hello.

It was a very hopeful day which, of course, is what Sunday should be.

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