Sunday, November 01, 2015

Remembering Bill Marner --- Joyfully

Hundreds of family members and friends gathered at the United Methodist Church Saturday afternoon to remember --- with sorrows overwhelmed by the joy of having known him --- our friend Bill Marner, who died August 16 as the result of lymphocytic leukemia.

That's Carol Marner at the top here, who spoke graciously as the service was ending and, with good humor, set the record straight on a couple of issues raised by earlier speakers.

It didn't occur to me until a little late in the game that it was going to be ok to take a few photos, so I missed the Rev. Allen Wiese, Bill's pastor, whose narrative carried the service; and Mike Bishop, who reminisced eloquently about his colleague, friend and neighbor as the program began.

Other friends who shared their memories of Bill included Byron Welch (above) and Bob Ulrich (below).

Carol's brother, whose name regrettably I didn't catch, recalled the man who became the older brother he'd never had.

And Carol's pastor, the Rev. Felix Onuora of Sacred Heart Church, concluded the service with blessing and benediction.

In between, congregational singing raised the roof, Margaret Coons provided special music and Karen Cross gave First Methodist's wonderful old pipe organ an opportunity to play its part, too. After that --- fellowship and food in the parish hall.

It was a wonderful way to honor a man whose life spoke eloquently and consistently until it ended --- and continues to do so. Here's the memorial folder for those who would have liked to be there, but couldn't:

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