Friday, November 27, 2015

Prepare to be dazzled

If I'd had my wits about me --- rather than the flu --- there would be under-construction photos here this morning of the Lucas County Historical Society's lighted Christmas window on the square --- one of a dozen or more that will featured this evening during Dazzlefest --- official kickoff of the holiday season in Chariton.

But when I dragged myself off my bed of pain late Tuesday and uptown, then told Kay, Rex, Kathleen, Jim, et. al., that I had the flu --- they covered their faces as backed away. So I backed out, went on to the store, bought chicken-noodle soup and applesauce (the only things that seemed remotely appealing) and then went back to bed.

But it should be a great evening. Events begin at 6 p.m., including lighting of the memorial tree of lights and announcement of Little Miss Merry Christmas/Little St. Nick results and opportunities to stroll around the square, admire the windows, interact with the elves and other fictional characters in town for the event and enjoy treats inside.

The lighted Christmas parade begins at 7 p.m. and Santa will be holding forth inside the Chamber/Main Street office after that. Stores will remain open and window displays active until 8 p.m.

The historical society decided to do a window this year, rather than a float, as a change of pace. We'll be located on the east side of the square, south of the alley, in what once was the south half of Turners Mens Clothing. There will be a blazing fire in the fireplace, lots of lights, Karoline and the Dittmer wonder dog and more in the window.

Our twin elves will be stationed just outside giving away fresh-roasted peanuts prepared earlier in the week by Bob and Jerry in the old Piper's Grocery roaster at the museum. So it should be a good evening. But dress warm!


I was entirely recovered by yesterday --- just in time to enjoy a terrific vegetarian Thanksgiving feast with Sherry, Fred and Derry. Great food, good wine, stimulating conversation --- who could have asked for more?

But those two days out have put me behind schedule. The ancient calendar of the church shifts this week from post-Pentecost to Advent, so there are new service booklets to get to the printer.

And the bishop is coming for supper on Sunday --- to St. Andrew's, that is. He actually was scheduled to be with us last Sunday, but ended up stranded by Chicago weather in the Baltimore airport --- and didn't make it home to Des Moines until Sunday afternoon.

My usual assignment, when soup is on the menu, is to bake bread --- so I'd better get busy. Soup's on at 5 p.m. Sunday with a service after --- all are welcome.

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