Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Finishing up the facade

If I hadn't had the flu yesterday (better now), I'd have made another trip uptown to record the placement of the "Barnett" name stone in Meyer Law Firm's new facade. As it was, I took a nap instead. So another photo or two --- of the finished product --- will be in order.

Anyhow, Mark Devilbiss and his crew of masons were back in town yesterday afternoon to set the limestone cap of the facade and to insert the name stone. Other than painting the steel beam that supports the upper part of the rebuilt facade, the project now is complete.

The original limestone cap as well as the original name stone were removed during the 1960s when the late Virgil Meyer modified the facade and covered roughly two-thirds of it with a shingled pent roof.

Richard Barnett and his mother built this building in 1901, thus the name stone. They were never in business here, just landlords. They rented the bulding to a bakery and then before too many years had passed, sold it.

But the Barnett name continued to identify the building --- and now it does again.

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