Monday, October 12, 2015

Before the colors fade

It seemed more important than anything else Sunday afternoon to look for gentians in the prairie remnants along the Cinder Path east of Derby --- and so that's what I did.

They're a little harder to find this year because the moist summer encouraged the taller plants they shelter in to grow --- taller.

But there they were, glowing in the grasses.

And how about this wild grape leaf, sunshine streaming through it?

Speaking of leaves, I found these at midweek along the main trail at Pin Oak Marsh.

The hard maple colors are at their height right now, glowing in the Chariton Cemetery.

And bluestem is waving in the wind in the "back 40" at Red Haw.

Down at Barber Woods, where the shellbark hickories grow ...

... the over-arching canopy has turned to gold.

And I spotted a stray catalpa, too.

Along with this woodland twiner, glowing in the sun.

Go see for yourself --- before the colors fade.

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