Friday, July 24, 2015

What's blooming out back

When the going gets tough, I generally go pull weeds. And "tough" is a relative thing. Yesterday's tough was spending an hour and a half looking for the notes I needed to write up minutes of a board meeting only to have them turn up in plain sight on the seat of a living room chair. 

These are a few photos of what's blooming in two of the little patches I weed out in the middle of the back yard. One contains mostly herbs; the other, stuff.

I'm a big fan of pinks (aka dianthus). Those up top are the most obvious.

But pinks bloom white, too.

And here's a variety of miniature statice that I wish I'd planted more of.

This is yarrow. I had no idea it would grow to seven feet tall when I planted that little potful. Now it's sprawling over everything else and some of it's going to have to go.

The dill has bolted, so will go to seed soon and start looking ugly --- but for now it's looking great.

The coriander's bolted, too --- same deal.

This is pineapple mint --- useless as an herb, but I like the way it looks.

And lemon balm, just beginning to blossom.

There's standard green basil.

And purple basil with a tiny grasshopper aboard.

And finally, here's marjoram blooming against a background of lemon grass.

The world would be a better place if more of us shut our mouths and focused on pulling weeds.

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