Friday, July 31, 2015

Midsummer at the marsh

Vegetation is waist- to head-high along the main trail right now at Pin Oak and the predominate colors intense shades of green. Taller and greener than usual, it seems, because of the tropical summer we've been having. But other colors are beginning to show as July moves into August.

I spotted Swamp Milkweed (top) several feet off the trail late Thursday and waded into the grass to take a closer look. Be careful if you do this --- ground levels are uneven and wet feet possible.

Nearby, the tallest, densest and most robust clump of Rattlesnake Master I've seen anywhere in Lucas County, uncharacteristically with wet feet.

The first of the golden rods are beginning to appear; many more varieties will appear before the bloom season ends.

Blue Vervain, blooming from bottom to top.

Blazing Star, blooming from top to bottom of its stalk. There seem to be fewer of these this year than last.

Not that many Black-eyed Susans down here this year, although I've got plenty at home.

And Water Hemlock, too. It's a tall and showy plant, but beware --- poison from root to petal.

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