Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Down by the barn on a summer evening ...

Many thanks to the 150 or so folks who came out Tuesday to enjoy ice cream and great music on a wonderful mid-summer evening on the Lucas County Historical Society museum campus.

It was a perfect old-fashioned "social," featuring artifacts from the Civil War era in the Lewis Building and Civil War era tunes and more on the patio.

Our ice cream servers --- and there was just a little vanilla left over --- had experience from previous years. They were (from left) Bob Ulrich, Fred Steinbach and Kay Ulrich.

The music was provided by the "One-woman Band & Friends." The one woman is Sharon Seuferer, who plays bass guitar with her foot, guitar with her hands --- and the harmonica. 

Craig Wright plays hammered dulcimer.

Carol Oliver, keyboard.

And chief vocalists are Chris Baker (left) and Cindy Baker.

Sharon jokes that she's thought of changing the ensemble's name now and then --- but holds on to the original because she never knows when she might want to get new friends.

It's a mistake to start naming names, since someone will be forgotten --- but an event like this doesn't organize itself.

Lucinda Burkhalter chairs the Events Committee that planned it.

Board members and volunteers were on hand to staff all the buildings as visitors toured.

Kay Brown ensured that the museum gardens were looking good.

Bob Ulrich and Jim Secor, also on the Events Committee, spent Tuesday afternoon deploying chairs on the patio and handling other details.

Fred and Sherry Steinbach picked up the ice cream and ensured its arrival just before serving began.

And then lots of folks chipped in at the end to clean and close up.

Now, what in the world are we going to do in September for an encore? Stay tuned!

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