Thursday, July 16, 2015

A bluebonnet grows in Chariton ...

The south end of the museum vegetable garden, struggling this year because of excess and constant rain, has flourished anyway --- a mass of annual bloom. Including this bluebonnet, planted by Kay, and now nearing the end of its bloom cycle.

But what kind of bluebonnet is it? Not Texas bluebonnet (Lupinus texensis) for sure. The climate here is all wrong for that variety --- originally the only one recognized as the Texas state flower (Texas has since become more inclusive --- in this instance at least --- and now recognizes all bluebonnet varieties that resemble the Texas standard).

I'm guessing it's Lupinus perennis, which does indeed grow this far north --- and farther. I'll investigate further.


It's raining, AGAIN!, this morning and the grass is reaching for the sky. But I do have a new birdbath, and that a positive development. The old birdbath experienced metal fatigue earlier this week while a big blue jay was engaged in a strenuous bath and just snapped off, distressing both the bird and me.

But I went out to the greenhouse at Lucas yesterday afternoon and found a suitable replacement --- and a few other things.

Everything in the greenhouse (but not outside) is 50 percent off this week, so I came home with more geraniums and a couple of other things, too. I may go back. You can never be too rich or have too many geraniums. 

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Grannie M said...

To help you on your journey to find the Texas Bluebonnet I can give you a few hints. The seed packet is from Burpee and say WILDFLOWER Texas Bluebonnet Flor Silvestre and was packed in 2013. I'm guessing Flor Silvestre is what you are looking for.