Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Farmer's Daughter & let them eat cake ....

Sunshine after a week of rain --- plus a cool late afternoon breeze --- resulted in near-perfect conditions Tuesday for the Lucas County Historical Society's annual "Peanut Day" open house.

The Chariton Valley Players were stars of the show, of course, performing an old-fashioned melodrama, "The Farmer's Daughter," on the patio.

Cast members were (from left) Chesire Burns as Benjamin J. Slick, aka Hiram Shark, the villain; Linda O'Connell as Pa McDougall; Karin Zern (who got a late start after a scheduled cast member became ill but rose admirably to the occasion) as Ma McDougall; Sara Allison as Sally McDougall; Macy Brackin as Annie McDougall; and Matt Rebol as Willie Singletree.

Since June, 2015, is the 50th anniversary of the historical society's incorporation --- during June of 1965 --- we served cake, too.

Ilene Church (above) and Kay Ulrich served throughout the evening. Chocolate went fast, but there was enough white cake to share today with our friends at Homestead Assisted Living.

Our next event will be the Ice Cream Social during late July, featuring this year music from the Civil War era. We'll have more details about that later.

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