Saturday, January 03, 2015

Christmastide at Sacred Heart

I told my friend Kathy Willits last November, after taking and publishing here many photographs of Sacred Heart Church, that I wanted to come back during Christmas when the altars, chancel and other interior spaces are gorgeously decorated for the season.

Kathy is the one to talk to about this because she has charge of flowers for the parish, a task that requires considerable time and talent during ordinary time, more when Christmas and Easter are involved.

She invited me to stop at the church late Monday afternoon and had turned on all the lights and lighted the window candles by the time I got there. 

So that's when these images were taken. I'd intended to process and post them Tuesday, then was struck down by the flu, which occupied much of the rest of the week. But here, finally, they are.

Kathy estimated that it took perhaps two dozen volunteers "a couple of hours" to complete the decorating in time for Christmas Eve Mass.

That doesn't include, however, the time and effort involved in ordering and picking up flowers, locating, moving and unpacking stored material --- and making sure everything works. 

This display will remain in place at Sacred Heart until the end of the Christmas season on Sunday, Jan. 11 --- the Feast of the Baptism of Our Lord.

Then all will be swept away and packed away and Kathy's attention will turn to Easter. 


Brenda said...

Now that is how Christmas decorating is done! Beautiful, tasteful, perfection!

norm prince said...

Glad to see you back and feeling better. Today's offering was a wonderful beginning for the new year. I look forward to more interesting blogs and lovely photographs on your site and I give thanks for your efforts in the year just past.

Unknown said...

I grew up going to that church so it brought back many wonderful memories, especially of midnight Mass. Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

This has always been the most beautiful church in town. Kudos to Kathy Willits and friends!!

BevJ said...

This is a wonderful post. We were married in this church so I have a certain fondness for it. The Christmas decorations enhanced its beauty.
I am so glad you are feeling better.