Saturday, September 13, 2014

Frost warnings and Facebook ramblings

Much of Iowa turned blue overnight --- according to the National Weather Service, usually my first browsing stop upon arising. But the low here reportedly was only 37. So hopefully we dodged the frost bullet. And the resolution not to turn the furnace on until Oct. 1 can be kept.

Nearly all Iowans have been in despair several times this year about how fast the grass was growing, but it's a little early for it to freeze solid and stop. 


The other thing I usually do most mornings is scroll through my Facebook feed --- and I do look (briefly, very in most instances) at everything everyone posts, including what comes in from all the pages I've "liked" rather than "friended."

As a rule I enjoy it all, from the posts of my right-wing conspiracy theorist friends to those of my left-wing conspiracy theorist friends. It's always good to know what people are thinking, even if you don't agree. And Facebook is a wonderful way to insulate yourself from the shock of sudden realization when it becomes clear that not everyone thinks as you do.

Folks do share a little too much with the universe via Facebook sometimes, certainly more than I'd care too --- but I object only to posts about bowel movements. What happens in the bathroom should stay in the bathroom.

I've never "unfriended" anyone, nor "hidden" anyone either. So far as I know I've only been unfriended once, by a cousin no less, who --- distraught when Obama won his second term --- unfriended all she thought might have voted for him. 

Nor do I get into Facebook fights. I know it's frustrating for the combative, but there's usually no point. You just get yourself all worked up for nothing. Best to have your say, or post your post, then move along.

But be warned --- I do look at your pictures. I love to look at other people's pictures and find doing so endlessly entertaining.

I was the kid who, after spotting visitors laboring up the hill toward the house in the media dark ages with a projector, screen and boxes of slides, said "oh good" as others ran out the back door to hide in the corn field.

So you post a photo of an infant, a toad, scenic vistas or youself --- I'll look at it.

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