Monday, July 07, 2014

Ordination and "Fans of Father Fred"

We had such a great day Sunday as Frederick L. Steinbach was ordained into the Episcopal priesthood  at St. Andrew's Church --- skies cleared, everyone fitted (barely) into the building, the heat was survivable (those "Fans of Father Fred" fans helped out; thanks Kathy!), we proceeded through the liturgy without a hitch, the bishop's sermon was memorable and the lunch was outstanding. Who could ask for more?

That's Fred (above) on the right with Sherry in the middle and the Rt. Rev Alan Scarfe, bishop of Iowa, on the left.

Clergy from Chariton and across the south of Iowa were present to witness and assist with the service --- most were vested, adding an extra layer on a hot summer day. The two deacons on the right here assisted the bishop and the priest on the left was among the witnesses. Since I can name only one of the three I'll not name any.

Our two acolytes performed admirably. That's Morgan on the left --- he does this every Sunday at St. Andrew's. I've been trying to figure out how to pretend I haven't forgotten the name of Fred's grandson, on the right. He and his family were in town from Utah for the occasion. I'll insert his name a little later.

Masses of Steinbachs turn out for occasions like this involving family --- and this was no exception. These are my Steinbach cousins --- Esther Belle and her four daughters (from left) Kathy, Jeanne, Louise and Ruthann. 

And it was great to have Samuel back behind the organ for both morning prayer and the ordination on Sunday. He's now living in Bellevue and working in Dubuque.

This is how the church looked as Bishop Scarfe opened the service following the processional.

Flanked by presbyters, the bishop conducts the formal pre-consecration examination of Fred as a candidate for the priesthood.

And afterwards, Sherry helps Fred formally vest as a priest --- adding stole and chasuble.

Finally, as the service neared its end, Fred and Deacon Kevin served communion to the congregation, including Benjamin and Megan.

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Anonymous said...

It was truly a special day. So honored to have been in attendance. How blessed is Chariton to have a hometown boy in the pulpit? Congrats, Father Fred!

Ruth Comer