Tuesday, July 15, 2014

And the beets go on (zinnias, too)

Jim let me make the Monday sweep of a green bean row currently producing prolifically in the museum garden, then added --- "Oh, if you like beets ...."

So now I have enough green beans to roast for a couple of meals, and beets, too.

There are four varieties of beets --- I'll peel and roast the white beets for lunch, since they lack the juice that stains and are easier to deal with. The other varieties will be roasted with skins on a little later, then peeled.

The only heirloom tomatoes nearly ready to eat are a small "cherry" variety --- and there aren't many of those right now, but tomato production will accelerate as summer progresses.

Kay's tangle of old-fashioned garden flowers at the south end of the garden is flourishing, too.

I'm partial to zinnias.

But admired the first poppies.

The first cosmos.

And this tangle of larkspur, too.

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Brenda said...

That is a beautiful garden! I am jealous; those beets look amazing.