Saturday, July 26, 2014

A little new carpet on the stairs

We replaced the tired, worn and downtrodden runner on the front stairs at the Stephens House yesterday, which isn't a huge deal. But I though I'd point it out because you're not supposed to notice. 

It's industrial grade (heavy traffic), light (the foyer is a little dark sometimes) and complements the beautiful oak of the stair itself. But it doesn't yell, "look at me, I'm the carpet," as some do. That's intentional.

The new runner came from Chariton's Interiors & More Home Center and was installed by Josh Schilling with a little logistical support from Ashley Schneider.

So far as we know, the old runner was put into place as part of the historical society's mid-1960s restoration. It was wine-colored and very badly worn (I've complained about it for a couple of years, others rose to protest its sheer tackiness this spring).

According to one story, the original runner arrived at the museum second-hand from First United Methodist Church. I've not seen the proof on that one, however. But if so, that would make it some of the oldest surviving carpet in Lucas County, practically an artifact in itself (sorry, it wasn't saved).

We discovered beautifully preserved wood under the old runner. Unfortunately, bare wood can be slippery and something of a hazard, so parts of it were covered up again.

We also discovered something about the staircase that I'd not noticed before. The treads on the second flight, from landing bay to upstairs hall, are quite a bit wider than the treads of the first flight. I wonder why.


Diana Irving said...

Maybe to make it easier to get furniture around the corner and still save space in the downstairs hall.

Nathan Riley said...

What a beautiful discovery! The bare wood underneath the previous carpet looks amazing. Glad to know you decided to cover the center with a new carpet. I agree that bare wood can be hazardous, especially if you have children in the house. Good call on that one! Anyway, thanks for sharing that, Frank! All the best!

Nathan Riley @ Stanley Steemer