Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Community Foundation disburses $98,000

SCICF Board members Mary Stierwalt and Adam Bahr listen as representatives of the CHS baseball program acknowledge a $15,000 check to assist with a field lighting project.

The South Central Iowa Community Foundation disbursed more than $98,000 in grants Monday night to help fund 20 public improvement projects across Lucas County during a program in the Lodge at Pin Oak Marsh. I'm happy to report that $2,000 for the Lucas County Historical Society to help fund improvements to the roof drainage system at the Stephens House was among them.

The biggest grant, $15,000, went to Chariton Community Schools to help fund a project that will bring Musco sports lighting to the high school baseball field. Total cost will be in excess of $150,000.

The Lucas County Interchurch Council received $13,700 to help fund a new roof for the Ministry Center (where Lucas County's food bank is located); and $10,000 grants went to the city of Chariton to help fund planning for a trails system and to the Lucas County Historic Preservation Alliance for the Hotel Charitone project.

The foundation, which is headquartered in Chariton, serves Lucas, Clarke, Decatur, Ringgold and Union counties.

For those unfamiliar with Iowa's community foundations, they administer the state's County Endowment Fund Program as well as providing a variety of other services and incentives to promote charitable giving and local philanthropy.

Iowa is the only state in the United States where state-licensed casinos are required to contribute a share of their revenue to local charities and community projects. The County Endowment Fund Program serves the 85 Iowa counties that do not have casinos located within them. Seventy-five percent of their gaming tax revenue is distributed annually by SCICF and its counterparts to charitable projects, the balance invested in  permanent endowments.

Here's a list of grants awarded Monday night:

Lucas County Conservation Board: $573.84 to purchase a telescope to be used for programming. The new telescope will be used, among other purposes, for an astronomy day camp this summer.

Lucas County Sheriff's Department: $5,484 for the purchase of four patrol rifles. Patrol cars currently are equipped only with shotguns.

City of Chariton: $10,000 toward planning for a proposed trails program. One phase of that program would involve a bike lane along Ilion Avenue to schools, athletic complexes and parks in the northwest part of town.

Lucas County Interchurch Council: $13,722 for a new roof on the Ministry Center.

City of Chariton (Friends of the Airport): $4,000 to renew flooring and restrooms in the airport terminal.

Lucas County Preservation Alliance: $10,000 for the Hotel Charitone project.

Russell Volunteer Fire Department: $8,000 to replace worn equipment.

Lucas County Humane Society: $1,500 for work on lighting and climate control in the society building.

Chariton Community Schools: $15,000 toward a project to install Musco lighting at the high school baseball field, a project that carries an estimated total cost in excess of $150,000.

Chariton Community Schools: $3,250 for new high school weight room equipment.

City of Chariton (Vredenburg Aquatic Center): $3,330 for chlorine control and pumping equipment.

City of Chariton (Community Center): $1,973 for locker room and restroom work.

Lucas County Historical Society: $2,000 for work on the Stephens House roof drainage system.

Williamson Fire Department: $3,973 to replace the department's worn out ladders.

City of Chariton (Chariton Free Public Library): $2,000 to purchase materials for the collection.

Chariton Community Schools: $2,450 to install regulation square basketball backboards in the Middle School gymnasium.

Lucas County Fair Board: $3,800 to continue upgrading electrical wiring in fair buildings.

Chariton Senior Center: $500 for two new water heaters.

City of Williamson: $3,000 for new playground equipment.

Representatives of the Derby Volunteer Fire Department accept a check for $6,000 from Adam Bahr and Betty Hansen, of the South Centeral Iowa Community Foundation.

Derby Volunteer Fire Department: $6,000 to add a concrete approach to the fire station.


Following the awards program, many of us remained for the spring Lucas County Non-Profits Roundable. The rountable allows representatives of the county's non-profits to update each other on ongoing projects, share ideas and concerns and introduce new personnel.

We also got to eat cookies left over from the earlier awards program --- a bonus.

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