Saturday, January 04, 2014

The big chill approaches ...

I'll drag this blog kicking and screaming back to local history and other stuff fairly soon, but the new year's been busy so far --- and all of that "other stuff" takes a good deal of time. In the meantime, we'll apparently have a brief window in the form of a 30-degree day with only blowing snow to contend with before the big chill sets in. So there's still lots to do.


My favorite line from our friend Marian Miller's funeral yesterday was delivered by her son (step, if you're going to get technical), Richard Miller. 

Marian, widowed in 1965, and Floyd Miller, a single parent with three sons, were introduced during the late 1960s and married at the end of 1968. Richard recalled being introduced to Marian by his dad after they had started dating and being a little suspicious. 

"She seems so nice," he said, "so I thought maybe it was an act." 

"Well," he concluded, "she kept that act going for 47 years."


According to the forecast, we're expecting a low of minus-14 here Sunday night.

I like to look at the Winnebago County forecast now and then, too, to feel a little warmer. 

Sunday night's predicted low for Thompson is minus-26. How cold is it going to get in Minnesota? Doesn't even bear thinking about.

Stay warm!

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