Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Seeing red; act two, scene one, of autumn's show

Red maples have moved to the front of the stage as the curtain rises on the second act of nature's fall production here in the hills of southern Iowa. Conditions have been just right to encourage the most brilliant of performances.

Two days of rain are in the forecast, however, so a round of applause is due before these leaves fall and attention turns elsewhere.

These photos were taken Monday at Red Haw and in the Chariton Cemetery, where the concentration of color seems almost too much.

The brilliant golds at Red Haw are hickories taking a bow, too.

And if you keep your eyes open you'll see delicate patterns in native grass etched across the sky.


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Katherine Bertram said...

My neighbor has a beautiful red maple,while all of our trees are oaks and one doom cottonwood. We make jokes that we should go out with a labelmaker and put his name on all of the red leaves so he has to rake those up :)