Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Love the sinner, hate the sin

Lord knows, I try to love the sinner and hate the sin --- but Republicans sure do make that hard some days. It helps a little to remember that the lunatics who pushed the federal government into shutdown mode this morning love their families and, most likely, the family pets, too.

Those good old boys (and the occasional token girl) joyfully kick the poor when they're down --- folks of color, LGBT people, too. But not Old Shep.

Kind of makes a guy hope there is some sort of gracious God. Somebody's gonna have to forgive the bastards; most likely it's not going to be voters. Politically, it's a great day for Democrats; not so great, however, for the country as a whole.

Imagine what the neighbors must think --- all that screeching and hollering.

It's useful to remember that the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) became law when President Obama signed it during 2010; that he was re-elected during 2012; that the important open-enrollment phase begins today, shutdown or not; and that the entire package will be in place January 1.

Get over it.

I'm thinking about the folks I know of various persuasions who work for the government and are facing furloughs today. Hope they're short.

Fortunately, the National Weather Service is considered essential and therefore is still at work. The forecast is for a beautiful day --- high of 83, overnight low of 56, lots of sunshine. I aim to enjoy it.

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