Thursday, October 17, 2013

Hilary and Martha: The 2016 Dream Team

Well my goodness, wasn't that fun? My furloughed friends can get back to work and we've all got a little time to rest up before the post-Christmas crisis. Now the wait for right-wingers to suggest that President Obama engineered it all, since he alone came out of the debacle unscathed.

Oh yes --- the women of the Senate, too, who reportedly were prime movers in the package that eventually saved everybody's bacon.

Iowa's Republican senator, Chuck Grassley, voted for default --- but he turned 80 in September and has had increasing difficulty coping with the 21st century. It hardly was a surprise that Republican U.S. Rep. Steve King came out in favor of financial disaster, too. There's only air behind those pretty blue eyes of his and it's not changed regularly, you know.

But the state's Democrats as well as GOP U.S. Rep Tom Latham helped move the compromise bill to Obama's desk. So at least one Iowa Republican is not totally nuts.

The actions of those bipartisan Senate females do suggest the wisdom of a suggestion that we move more women into Congress (excluding Michele Bachmann and others, male and female, who may be operating under the misapprehension that they're channeling Jesus) and send the good old boys back to the farm so they can get on with what they're good at --- slopping hogs, cussing, spitting and cheating on their wives.

Which brings me to the 2016 Democrat dream team --- Hilary Clinton for president, Martha Stewart for vice. (Admittedly, I've not investigated the eligibility implications of Martha's unfortunate stay in jail.)

Hilary obviously is capable of doing a stellar job as president, but I'm a little worried about her husband's first-lady qualifications. Somebody's got to plan menus and redecorate the family quarters and the Blue Room over at the White House and Bill doesn't seem like the domestic diva type. Although perhaps he could rise to it.

Martha, however --- who can out-manage and out-maneuver any man --- could tend to those details easily on evenings and the occasional weekend while filling Joe Biden's shoes as presidential helpmate during standard working hours.

I can't see how we could go wrong here.

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