Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday morning lament

So I'm the program this morning at a 6:30 a.m. Kiwanis meeting (breakfast at 6:15). I'm glad to do this and it shouldn't be an issue --- up at 4 a.m. most days anyway. But there's a big difference between rising early and plopping down in front of a computer and rising early, driving out to the hospital and talking coherently for half an hour. Uff da!


And then there was this big wedding at the museum Saturday. It went fine. It also produced a mountain of garbage and this is garbage pickup morning. The jumbo garbage can went up the hill and out to the curb yesterday afternoon, but there's still a small mountain of bags locked in the barn (containing remnants of the wedding feast and therefore attractive to critters) because I didn't want to find their contents scattered up and down 17th Street this morning. 

So I'm going to drive down to the barn after the Kiwanis meeting, load the garbage bags in the back of the truck and haul them out to the curb. What fun.


A couple of weeks ago it seemed like a good idea to agree to serve on the steering committee of the just-now-launching facade improvement program in the Main Street District. Fueled by a half-million in CDBG money supplemented by matches this involves well over $1 million.

This first task is to pick an architect. That's my homework up top, and everyone else on the committee has the same task --- evaluate proposals from four architectural firms, grade them and be prepared make an intelligent decision about which one to hire.

On the other hand, the annual convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Iowa convenes today in Des Moines and I did manage to dodge that bullet.

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