Saturday, September 14, 2013

Cool nights, rain and late-summer color

Night-time temperatures have dropped into the 40s after a scorching early September --- and we still need rain. But not too much ...

I've been looking at coverage of flooding along the Colorado front range, especially Boulder, and thinking of those I know who live there.

Two sets of Iowa-born aunts and uncles once lived in Boulder, although Joe and Helen (Krutsinger) Miller bounced around more, from Pueblo to Boulder and finally to Longmont as he followed a career building highways. Longmont reminded them of Iowa, especially since old neighbors from Chariton lived next door.

Kenneth and Mary (Miller) Krutsinger always lived in Boulder, in what now is the Mapleton Hill Historic District, just downhill from the old Adventist hospital --- a great place for walking and a great jumping-off point for treks up the canyons (now flooding) and into the mountains beyond.

Rain is in the forecast here for Sunday, hopefully more restrained.

In the meantime, the color scheme has changed as fall moves into high gear --- now featuring the brightest of yellows.

But I'm especially taken with the white water lilies down at the marsh, which just started to bloom a couple of weeks ago.

It's definitely time to get outside again after a couple of weeks spent dodging the daytime heat.

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