Tuesday, August 06, 2013

How does your garden grow?

Jim turned his back on the cucumbers over the weekend --- and they bolted. Which is how things have been going lately in the heirloom garden at the base of museum hill. So an overflowing hat full went home with him Monday to be added to the pickle crock --- although some had somehow gotten so big we discarded them.

The corn (top) now is higher than an elephant's eye, flourishing in its "three-sisters" configuration --- climbing beans encircling the stalks while squash, summer and winter, circle round at ground level. Kay and I helped out by taking home yellow crooknecks --- among the oldest of the heirloom varieties.

We also have gloriosa daisies, cockscomb and poppies in abundance, but tomatoes are another matter --- this seems to be a common weather-related issue involving all varieites in many gardens this year. There are mounds of foliage, plenty set on, but few have ripened. That will come in time.

A row of these wonderfully sculptural onions is flourishing --- so far we've not dug one to see what's going on below ground.

And its nearly time to harvest this head of cabbage, prospering despite the fact we have used no pesticides in the garden and critters have been able to munch at will on outer leaves.

So far the resident deer --- apparently satisfied with windfall apples --- have limited their gardening activities to tromping through (one cabbage knocked over and beheaded) and nipping new growth from tomato plants --- there's plenty to go around.

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