Sunday, March 03, 2013

Dispatches from the holy war: 03/03/13

It's a little early to anticipate victory in the battle for marriage equality, considering the moral depravity of fundamentalist Christians and  Republican sycophants, but you've gotta sense the tide turning when gay families feel secure enough to bring their kids out. Just a few years ago, statehouses were filled with heterosexuals flaunting their lifestyle, unwholesome places for the children of same-sex couples to be.

But that certainly was not the case Wednesday at the Minnesota Capitol in St. Paul when Sen. Scott Dibble and Rep. Karen Clark introduced a measure legalizing marriage equality.

The show was stolen by twins Emmett and Gabriel, sons of Dr. Paul Melchert, a Twin Cities pediatrician, and his husband, James Zimerman. You can watch the antics here as Melchert does his best to lend support to the measure. This is quite a long clip and there's lots of great testimony early on from other gay families --- but the fun begins at about 15:10 and ends when the Melchert-Zimerman family scoots out of the frame to avoid being the center of attention.


Speaking of sycophants, the looniest among Iowa's GOP establishment is falling all over itself saying "we told you so" after learning that several Mitt Romney campaigners signed on last week to an amicus brief urging the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn Proposition 8, California's ban on same-sex marriage.

Right-wing rag Washington Examiner names the guilty parties: "Signing the brief now in support of gay marriage are Beth Myers, perhaps Romney’s closest aide in the campaign; Ben Ginsberg, the campaign’s influential lawyer; David Kochel, the campaign’s main strategist in Iowa (where Romney worked hard to win the support of Republicans for whom traditional marriage is a key issue); Katie Biber, the campaign’s general counsel; Lee Rudofsky, the deputy general counsel; and Alex Lundry, a top tech official in the campaign."

Here's a sampling of the responses from Iowa's holy warriors, as reported by The Examiner:

Bob Vander Plaats (failed candidate for everything): “The only surprise here is that Romney himself didn’t join them.  As you know, many conservatives did not trust Romney on marriage, life, and other social issues …. Now, true colors are exposed by these leaders of his campaign…. You can tell a lot about a person by who he chooses to surround himself with.”

Steve Scheffler (GOP activist): “What is disgusting is they don’t show their true colors until after the election. That is why grassroots don’t trust establishment Republicans.”

Jamie Johnson (Republican State Central Committee): “I am not surprised. In the last election cycle, those of us who truly cared about preserving traditional marriage and protecting the right to life of the unborn ran from Mitt Romney as we would from a rattlesnake.”

Golly, I love it when Republicans eat their young. But surprised they didn't trot out the "godless Mormon" line, too.


Speaking of Mormons, here's a clip that circulated widely in the Gay blogosphere last week --- a young man's creative telling of his coming out story. The Mormon hierarchy has let up a little lately on the gay-bashing, which probably made it easier to do this, although the poor kid still thinks he has to remain celibate for life (hopefully, he'll get over that fairly soon). The reactions of his family members and friends are priceless.

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