Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Street preachers: Watch out in Chariton!

Not to be entertained at the misfortune of others or anything, but this is funny, especially the last paragraph (Chariton Patriot, April 9, 1903). Sadly, there was no follow-up report on how Henry fared at Clarinda --- or thereafter.

Sidewalk Religious Exhorter Taken to Asylum

Henry Cooper was adjudged insane by the examining board Tuesday and taken to the asylum in Clarinda.

For sometime past Cooper has attracted much attention and made himself very obnoxious by persistently talking and arguing religion on our public streets in an offensive manner. On several occasions he disturbed worship in the churches by his outbreaks of religious fervor and has been ordered out of nearly every church in town. A week ago last Sunday he was forcibly ejected from the Methodist church for what was supposed to be insolent disturbance of services and on last Sunday night, at the Presbyterian church he interrupted the sermon and received a forcible request to keep silence. In addition to disturbing church services, he has annoyed people on the streets and in the stores.

It was thought by most people that he was an ignorant, insolent fool, hence the rough treatment he received. Now that he has been adjudged insane a more charitable opinion should prevail concerning his conduct.

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