Saturday, January 05, 2013

Oliver French Brownlee: By T.M. Dunshee

This is the sixteenth (and final) in a series of biographical sketches edited by Thomas M. Dunshee between 1903, when he began collecting the material, and 1910, when he finished entering the sketches in a small blue "tablet" notebook now in the Lucas County Historical Society collection. The subjects all were fellow pioneers in the Newbern neighborhood of English Township, Lucas County. A couple of brief non-biographical articles remain to be posted. Oliver F. Brownlee and his wife, Sarah, are buried in the Chariton Cemetery.

Oliver French Brownlee was born in Mercer County, Illinois, June 10, 1840.

He is a descendant of Archibald Brownlee, who immigrated to Youngstown, Ohio, from Scotland in 1760. His mother was a Brownlee, a descendant of the same Scottish family.

Oliver's father died at the age of thirty-four, when Oliver was six years old, leaving the mother with four small children.

Oliver was married at twenty years of age to Sarah Thompson of Fall River, Massachusetts.

Within a year after his marriage, he enlisted in the 36th regiment of Illinois Volunteers, and served his country over hree years. He was wounded in the arm at the battle of Pea Ridge and in the knee at Chickamauga.

After the war, he continued to live on the farm, and in the house in which he was born, until he immigrated to Lucas County, Iowa, in 1869.

He has since lived on the farm in English Township, which he purchased when he first came to the state, until death called him home June 14, 1908.

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