Sunday, December 02, 2012

Officially: Tis the Season

The brocade frontal on the big marble altar at St. Andrew's is purple now and everyday green has been retired to storage in the sacristy for a few weeks. I did that myself yesterday, although it works better when two are involved since the lead bar that holds everything in place is longer than I am tall and easily could take out a stained glass window if mishandled.

It's the first Sunday in the Advent --- not Christmas --- season, a gift of the ancient church. Christmas will come soon enough. Advent says, amid 21st Century holiday frenzy, calm down, slow down and think about this whole business for a while.

 "Advent" is a shortened version of the Latin word "adventus," or coming. Get it?

The poster is an invitation to attend the Advent Festival of Nine Lessons & Carols at 4 p.m. next Sunday at St. Andrew's, a lovely service that follows closely the order of a traditional service held annually since 1918 in the Anglican chapel of Kings College, Cambridge. Just carols interspersed with readings from scripture and two prayers --- bidding and benediction. No sermon, no collection. Sam has been rounding up musicians, so we're anaticipating both strings and brass. Our friends at First Lutheran help with this and we'll return the favor during Easter Vigil.

You'll be welcomed. Coffee, hot cider and cookies follow in the Parish Hall.

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