Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Building Detective: The H & L Annex

1010 West Court Avenue

Although it generally is assumed that the Hollinger & Larimer Annex, 1010 West Braden Avenue, was constructed in conjunction with the 1904 Hollinger & Larimer Block (129 and 131 North Main Street), this is not the case even though details of the two buildings mirror each other.

The Annex, designed by Oran O. Hougland, who probably also designed the Block, was added during 1906. It differs from the Block in part because of its smaller size, but also because it was built above a high basement, custom-designed to house a specific tenant --- the Kestler Laundry Co.

Here is an article from The Chariton Leader of July 12, 1906, reporting on plans for the Annex:


O.A. Hougland has drawn plans for a brick building immediately to be erected by Hollinger & Larmier west of their clothing house and opposite the Bates House. The structure is to be a two story with high basement, 42x42 feet. The Kestler Laundry Company has leased the basement and it will especially be fitted up for that purpose. The building will practically be fireproof with steel floor supporters above the laundry and filled with concrete between the first floor an iron ceiling of basement. A big well will be sunk in basement, thus assuring an adequate quantity of pure and clean water for the conduct of a first class laundry business, which the Kestlers know how to do. The building will be provided with steam heat and inside (water) closets and modern throughout. The first floor above the basement has been leased, so it is said. The upper story is to be fitted up either for offices or living rooms, to be determined later.

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