Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Raging hormones

The standing rule (made up Sunday) is that election cycle winners have a week to gloat; losers, a week to pout, float conspiracy theories and allege voter fraud. Then it's time for everyone to get back to work, hopefully together.

But now we've got one of America's favorite diversions --- an old-fashioned sex scandal --- to occupy our minds, so it's not clear when, or if, that worth ethic will kick in.

First CIA director David Petraeus --- a four-star general and former top guy in both Iraq and Afghanistan --- resigned after acknowledging an extramarital affiar with biographer Paula Broadwell. Now, it appears, Gen. John Allen, current commander of allied forces in Aghanistan, has managed to get himself (and perhaps Jill Kelley, too) all tangled up in this. Wonderful.

I like to think back to the day when allegations were made regularly that LGBT people were unqualified for service (or security clearances) because we were potential targets for blackmail --- or more likely to hit on our biographers.

Since then we've had a narrow miss with John Edwards, the debacle caused by zipper-challenged Bill Clinton and now General Petraeus, floated by some as a potential GOP presidential candidate --- all so far as we know heterosexual.

It's become increasingly clear that raging hormones, long known to be a major force in the lives of middle-aged heterosexual males, may be among the greatest threats to national security out there.

And equally clear, since there are no clear LGBT leaders, that more heterosexual women need to step up. I've already got my "Hillary 2016" button. Thanks, Martin!

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