Thursday, September 27, 2012

Secret gardens and fall color

Actually, lots of people know about the gap in the west fencerow way down in the southwest corner of Chariton Cemetery --- so it's not exactly a secret. On the other hand, many don't --- so if you have any interest in visiting the beautiful and kind of wild area of lagoons, woodland and grass beyond, it's a great time of year to do so. The colors were beautiful Wednesday morning.

The north embankment of the lagoon immediately west of the cemetery is mown and easy to navigate. It's no trick either to keep walking along the two lagoons beyond and, if you walk far enough, come out on the Highway 34 bypass, having navigated the west foot of cemetery hill.

A year or two ago, I knew how this property came into public hands and became attached to the larger Chariton River Greenbelt --- but I'd dig myself into a pretty deep hole if I tried to explain that now.

So it's enough just to visit, and enjoy, the area.

Humans aren't the only users of this gap between neatly mown cemetery and the wilder areas beyond. Three of us were walking the cemetery paths at sunset Sunday when three or four young deer materialized among the tombstones --- or at least it seemed as if they came out of nowhere --- then bounded off to the southwest and through the gap. It seemed like magic.

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Barry Hitt said...

Beautiful pictures, Frank.