Friday, July 20, 2012

Please save me: 502 Osage Ave.

This is another of Chariton's fine old homes that appears to be teetering on the edge, although it seems to be structurally sound, has a decent roof and has been updated in a not unpleasant way not that long ago.

I don't know it's history, but an aunt of mine recalled sharing an upstairs apartment here with cousins back in the 1930s, when country kids attending high school and working on the side needed a place to live in town.

Built atop a stone-walled basement in Queen Anne style, it may date from the 1890s and although altered still has its fish-scale shingles in the gable ends. Can't tell if the finial atop the turret roof is original --- but it's certainly striking.

It's located at the intersection of North 5th Street and Osage Avenue, which continues east for two short blocks and then dead-ends. When this area was in its heyday at the turn of the 20th century, Chariton was spreading east along Osage and Auburn avenues. Then, in the second decade, the Rock Island railroad line was built, curving in broadly from the east before turning south and cutting off Osage's extension.

I've not seen this house marketed by a Realtor, although it may have been. The "for sale" sign in the turret window has a Russell prefix, 535-2039.


Anonymous said...

My parents own the home, yes the turret is origanal.

Anonymous said...

The house was built in 1851.It has pocket doors, antique coal fireplace converted to 100% efficient natural gas fireplace, still have the coal fireplace. Two 92% efficient furnaces, new water heater, newer roof,maids stairway, three full baths with two cast iron ball and claw tubs, hard wood floors, two lots, attached two car garage and shed, 15 rooms, three bedrooms down stairs, could be 6 up stairs, excellent fixer upper.FOR SALE $30,000 please call 641-535-2039