Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Texts from Hillary, etc...

Hillary rules, in my book. So I've been following the new, in some circles viral, Tumblr site, "Texts from Hillary." Which has spread to Facebook. And most likely is taking on a life of its own. Hillary in 2016!


Twenty or so of us participated in an Iowa Living Roadways Project "visioning" workshop yesterday afternoon where the discussion involved places historic, recreational and otherwise that are most important to Chariton, and/or to which participants were most attached.

Half the session involved talk, which I wish could have been recorded and played back to a larger audience, and the mapping of sites mentioned. Then armed with cameras that had GPS locating capabilities, we were sent out to photograph as many of the sites as possible.

It was a good reminder of just how many historic, interesting and recreationally appealing resources we have. Especially the latter --- Cinder Path, Red Haw, Pin Oak and a variety of others, including some I'd not thought about before.

Bikers and runners, as it turns out, are especially fond of that stretch of hilly, scenic paving that runs several miles east out of northeast Chariton (past Calvary Cemetery) with no clear destination. That's why it sometimes is called "the road to nowhere." It's never been clear why the road was paved in the first place, but it's a joy to drive out on as well as, we discovered, to run and ride on --- pretty, challenging and not burdened with an excess of vehicular traffic. So you learn something new every day.


April so far has been nuts and I have dirty dishes in the sink and a pile of unsorted stuff dumped on the kitchen table to prove it. We're off to Ames today for a Main Street Iowa session, then maybe a day or two to catch up.

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