Friday, April 06, 2012

Some Good Friday hopefulness

And since this is a fairly significant day in the Christian scheme of things, here are a couple of hopeful items plucked from the blogosphere.

The first is a sermon in seven words from the sign in front of Rose Park City United Methodist Church in Portland, Oregon, that threatens to go viral.

And the other, one of the best "It Gets Better" submissions I've seen, this one from students at Brigham Young University, that bastion of the LDS establishment in Provo, Utah.

I like Mormons, as I've probably said before. They can be excessively conservative, downright stand-offish on occasion and, God help us, produced Mit Romney. But I've never detected the pure hatefulness among them that more conventional armed and dangerous soldiers of the cross are prone to.


Norm Prince said...

Best wishes for a Good Friday and a big thanks for the BYU video. A great offering and well done by each of the students. It took an acceptance of myself as a alcoholic some decades ago for me to learn to like or dislike folks for who they are, not what they are. I believe that is why I enjoy your blog so much; for our similarities and not our differences.
peace - norm

Frank D. Myers said...

And a joyous Easter to you, where ever and how ever you find it!