Sunday, January 22, 2012

Newt Gingrich is the Antichrist!

Just kidding --- honestly. But that son of perdition (and thrice-married serial adulterer) did trouce the inevitable Mitt Romney in South Carolina yesterday --- with endorsements from quite a few on the Christian right --- including that picturesque example of Southern Baptist beefcake Rick Perry --- who anticipate salvation from a highly problematic source.

Poor Mitt, so blandly white, so rich, so incapable of identifying with those who aren't, so Mormon --- and worst of all, from a Republican standpoint, most likely sane.

My favorite headline (from Huffington Post): "Mitt Newt-ered."

Favorite fanciful disambiguation --- Fox News (the antichrist of news sources) commentator Keith Ablow's declaration that infidelity enhances Gingrich's qualifications for the presidency because three women lusted after him (demonstrating just how enticing he will be to voters) and that by asking one former wife for an "open marriage" he demonstrated the likelihood he'll always tell the American people the truth.


Since it is Sunday morning, here's a little clip featuring one of my favorite renegade Episcopal bishops, John Shelby Spong, late of the Episcopal Diocese of Newark. Spong is a noted iconoclast, who consistently aggravates the orthodox by going too far and free-thinkers by not going far enough.

The exerpt is from a lecture delivered during 2008, the year he published "Jesus for the Non-Religious." His most widely known book probably is 1999's "Why Christianity Must Change or Die." Since 2008, he has published "Eternal Life: A New Vision" and "Re-Claiming the Bible for a Non-Religious World."

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