Monday, December 12, 2011

Tis the season & Gay Family Values

Jay Foxworthy

Among other things, it’s the season to eat yourself into near insensibility --- then, after sleeping it off, arise and do it again. Whatever happened to moderation in all things?

The big deal yesterday was a big, big German meal at Grace Episcopal in Albia, prepared and brought to the scene of near-gluttonous crime by my friends Kim and Lynn. There’s some German ancestry there, plus these women met in Germany (in a military context) and lived there for some time. Plus they like to cook --- and entertain.

Anyhow, the meal included homemade German noodles with sauced pork medallions, spinach in puff pastry, potato dumplings, brazed white asparagus, sweet red cabbage, green beans with onions, creamed onions, assorted salads and breads and three especially wicked deserts, including Black Forest cake.

After loading all the roasters, crockpots and related paraphernalia back in the van for the return trip to Centerville, we just set there stunned for about an hour until able to rise and drive home. It was a wonderful meal.

Tonight’s affair will be heavy on sugar and I’m going to go into it with “moderation” written on the palm of my right hand --- just to remind it when it is tempted to reach for one more cookie, one more piece of candy.

Rick Perry has left the state briefly, bolting after getting yelled at in Ames Sunday afternoon, then heading back to Texas. He’ll be back later in the week, but it seems likely the fun related to his “I’m a Christian and I really hate gay people” video of the week past is winding down.

Jay Foxworthy’s YouTube response to the Perry ad has been, I think, one of the most heartfelt.

Foxworthy, a San Francisco sheriff’s deputy and Gulf War veteran, and his husband, Bryan Leffew, started their YouTube “Gay Family Values” channel as a response to the passage in California of Proposition 8, featuring themselves and their adopted children, Daniel and Selena, siblings removed from the custody of heterosexual parents stripped by the courts of parental rights because of their drug-related and criminal histories. The couple also is parenting foster children removed by the courts from the custody of a related birth mother, also ruled unfit.

Jay, Bryan and children, Daniel and Selena.

The family’s YouTube channel has been linked from the sidebar here for some time and may be accessed directly by clicking here. The family also will be featured in an upcoming documentary, “The Right to Love: An American Family,” that I’m looking forward to.

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