Thursday, September 29, 2011

Leaves, Red Oak & Planned Parenthood

I can't seem to stop taking pictures of sunflowers, but that's fine --- they'll be gone soon enough, as will September. It seems like only yesterday ....

Although the hard maples and walnuts are turning, we're a couple of weeks away from peak fall color here. Those maples always turn first and wherever I've lived, one always has turned first, often weeks before the others, to signal the seasonal shift. Here, the somewhat bedragled sentinel stands wedged between expanses of concrete along Court Avenue and the Carpenter's Hall parking lot at the foot of Columbus hill. The general forecast seems to be for a good show this year.


We're headed west before dawn this morning to spend a day at the Montgomery County History Center in Red Oak, one of Iowa's newest (2006) local history museums. I've been anxious to see it, but have never managed to get there until now, when a small museums association gathering provides the excuse. It should be a pretty drive (actually I'm riding), too, across southwest Iowa almost to the Missouri.


If I weren't headed in that direction, I'd at least think about heading into the Des Moines, where the annual Planned Parenthood book sale opens at 4 p.m. at the state fairgrounds. The sale continues through Monday. The admission fee today is $10, but that gives you first chance at the best books. Friday-Monday, admission's free.

Actually, I don't need any more books --- so it's probably just as well I can't make it.

This is a huge event, close to being the biggest charitable book sale in the country. Planned Parenthood has its enemies of course among Republicans and others who feel that women just aren't well equipped enough mentally to make their own informed reproductive choices. That doesn't seem to cut into the crowd for this event, however.

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