Saturday, April 09, 2011

The virus that bloomed in the spring

I'm not sure why, but my encounters with a computer virus of the unfortunate kind generally occur early Saturday mornings, so I've been spending quality time with my friends at SecurIT since 7 a.m., in the emergency room for infected digital devices.

The immediate crisis was set off when I opened a Web site that pretended it was offering me a recipe for coconut cream pie, of all things. I have had quite a few problems with recipes, with infected items  that turned up during a Google "Image" search running a close second --- the last time while seeking an image of the Grand Army of the Republic insignia.

Perhaps porn sites would be safer, but I do prefer coconut cream pie.

The other odd thing about the visits my computer and I pay to SecurIT is that I can't tear myself away from the screen after someone in Cedar Rapids has taken the wheel. That took a little more time than ususal this morning because I inadvertently restarted the computer in "safe mode" rather than "safe mode with networking." Fascinated horror as I watch during scans to see just how many infections actually have embedded themselves on the hard drive; paranoia as the technician kills off this file and that file (today's virus had invaded the Windows operating system), wondering if the computer every will work right again.

So there I sit like a fool, as if I were watching a movie --- with occasional water, coffee and bathroom breaks (but no popcorn).

Now I think all is well again, or so Nate tells me. So I'm going out to the cemetery for a little visit with Major, Bird and Pocahontas Hooper. That will cheer me up. Please don't tell me I'd have fewer of these problems if I had a MAC. I already know that.

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