Sunday, April 10, 2011

How it is in English Township

Coming in from Gosport Sunday afternoon, I did a quick reconnaissance of northeast English Township --- just to make sure everything was OK. And it seems to be for the most part.

Color has exploded in town --- brilliant forsythia's yellow has been joined by cherry-blossom white and I swear every magnolia in town burst into full bloom overnight. This happens every year, but it's still a surprise.

Out in the country, everything is more subtle so far; in a day or two all the trees on all the hills will be misted in green, but not quite yet.

The view at the top is off to the northeast of the entrance carpark at Bingham Cemetery (aka Pine Hill, but the pines disappeared long ago), whose occupants would have one of the better cemetery views in Lucas County were they not positioned underground. The views from Stoneking, Zion and Newbern are better, but there's nothing shabby about this one.

You're looking here from the steep entrance drive to Bingham across the creek valley along the road to Melcher-Dallas. How about them thorns?

A ways to the southeast, here's the English Creek crossing on one of Lucas County's best roads for flying. For those unfamiliar with this form of cheap rural thrill, it involves driving rapidly (excessive speed is not necessary) along a road that travels up and down a series of short hills. At the top of each, the vehicle will feel as if it's about to become airborne, but won't; your stomach will, however.

This road offers if you're westbound (we're looking east here) a series of especially good rises and dips, then a dramatic plunge down to English Creek, then just as you think you're about to the crest of the hill on the other side, another really good dip before you fly over the top. Many know where this road is at. Since I don't want to encourage delinquency, I'll not be too specific. It has, however, amused several generations of my mother's family.

And finally, Williamson Pond. The fishing's been remarkably good here for the last couple of weeks I understand --- but it was just too windy on this slightly ominous Sunday afternoon of mixed clouds and hazy sunshine.

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