Monday, March 28, 2011

Memory lane: The end

I'm doing my darndest to put off beginning a newsletter that absolutely and without question has to be done Thrusday and that's not going to be a problem --- providing I stop procrastinating. In the meantime, the last reunion photo and the biggest grin.

Before Russell Community School there was Dry Flat country school, a mile south of home. My classmates there were Barbara Seibert Chase (left), with whom I also graduated from high school, and Marilyn (Nickell) Gibbs, who graduated from Corydon High School.

We had two wonderful teachers at Dry Flat, both of whom were at the 1980s Dry Flat reunion at which this photo was taken. Louise Wright is on my right; Ethyle Cummins, on my left. It's not clear why I was hanging onto my shirt. So far as I know no one was planning to rip it off.

Sadly, Mrs. Wright, Mrs. Cummins and, most wrenchingly, Marilyn now are dead, leaving Barbara and I as the survivors. You'll find more about last summer's most recent Dry Flat reunion here.

And finally, just to prove I can grin, here's the biggest caught on camera --- also at some point during the 1980s I think. We had been up in the mountains west of Boulder, Colorado, with an experienced Colorado mountain man at the wheel and somehow managed to have three flat tires anyway.

The third occurred as we were coming back down Boulder Canyon. At that point, there was little to do other than laugh about it.

There now, I'm done.

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