Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Snow day

So this is how I spent Wednesday --- OK only 20 minutes or so every hour with other stuff sandwiched in. But that snow was deep --- and wind-packed; and some of it's still there. I shot toward the house rather than away from it to cover up the fact I'm not done (maybe 20 minutes more to unplug the end of the drive and hit the street).

We supposedly had 10 inches here, but because of the way the wind moved it around it's hard to tell. Cold tonight (minus-7 predicted).

I'm not complaining. This sort of thing is rare down here and not at all so up north where I used to hang out a lot. Two of my favorite bloggers, one in Alberta and the other in Wyoming, are reporting lows of minus-30 these days. It's the tropics here by comparison.

Better get back out there ...

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