Thursday, June 03, 2010

Blog glitches, life's glitches

This blog is produced by using an adapted template offered by Google's "Blogger." It's a great template; I really like the way the blog looks. Unfortunately, because the template is still experimental, there are a couple of glitches.

Number One: Photographs in earlier posts stretching back five years have been knocked out of kilter by the new template, something I'm trying to correct gradually.

Number Two: Each photograph posted here is supposed to link directly to a full-sized version of that photograph that can be opened by those who want to see things more clearly. On older templates, a click on a photograph would open the full-size version. On this template, it is necessary to right-click on the photos and select "open link" or "open link in new window" in order to accomplish that. I don't know why.


We got to talking Tuesday, Dianne, Doris and I, at a Dry Flat reunion planning meeting about the Civil War moument, erected in 1866 at Evans Cemetery --- located in an extremely obscure spot in the woods near the "four-courners" area wherer Lucas, Monroe, Wayne and Appanoose counties join. Doris hopes to post some photos of it at "Find-a-Grave." I want to blog about it.

Several years ago I had a productive and interesting e-mail friendship with a guy named Jack Byrkit, who lived at Clay Center, Nebraska, and whose ancestor carved the monument. I did a favor for him --- went to Evans Cemetery and photographed the monument. He did a favor for me --- went to the cemetery at Superior, Nebraska, and photographed the tombstones of my great-aunt and great-uncle, S. Olive (Prentiss) and Sam McCorkle.

Much of that correspondence disappeared in a computer crash. I even lost the name of the stone-carver --- and Jack's e-mail address.

Poking around on the Internet last night, hoping to somehow re-establish contact, I discovered that Jack had died --- only in his early 50s. That made me really sad. I had enjoyed our correspondence.

Others' sorrows sometimes hold lessons, for better or worse. Number one: If you have material that you value on your computer make sure it's backed up or printed out and make sure, too, that you don't lose touch with people you value. Number two: Seize the day. I've got Jack to thank this morning for reminding me what a great day it is to be alive and kicking in southern Iowa.


norm prince said...


I wish to thank you for kicking my south end this day with your mention about getting or keeping in touch. I have enjoyed your blog for some time yet for one poor excuse or another I have yet to let you know. Although most of the blogs I read are mostly tied to genealogy and at first I thought yours was also, the tales you share about folks, events and your life touch me and I look forward to your words. As for life's glitches, this comment box would be way to small for some of my thoughts so will wish you a great day and until again,


Frank D. Myers said...

Thanks for your comment! I'm guilty of not commenting often enough on blogs I read and enjoy. And also of failing to acknowledge comments here. I'll mend by ways.