Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Thursday report

For those concerned, Cousin Helen has arrived safely in Indiana for a few weeks' stay having devoted an entire day to Nauvoo --- including a ride around town in a horse-drawn wagon. The ride, she said, was presented by guides as a novelty. Having grown up on a wheat farm in eastern Washington where the farming was done with horses, she reportedly told the guides it wasn't a novelty at all --- been there, done that. But she did it anyway. She also found someone to take her picture in front of the reconstructed Temple and now is hoping for her grandchildrens' sake that the photographer managed to get the entire temple and the entire Helen in the photo.

On the down side, it cost her $10 to stay overnight in the Nauvoo State Park campground --- and Helen does not spend money joyfully. And then she got stuck getting out of her campsite (three park workers were recruited to push her out). Back to Wal-Mart parking lots. Such is life.


Another trip to Ellis Greenhouse yesterday and a new record this season for economy --- only $27. Now if I can just get all those annuals in the ground before the rain lets loose again (and it's supposed to do that later today).

It's all those planters that kill me --- 13 of them scattered across the front of the house and behind. These kept me amused and made the place look lived in when I was only here a day or so a week. Now keeping the blessed things watered has become something of a trial. If I'd stuck to tried and true geraniums it wouldn't be quite the challenge --- but New Guinea impatiens require lots of water.

Two more holes to fill in borders along the south and east side of the house, more impatiens to plant among the hostas out back and more fiddling with the (very small) herb and prairie patches in the back yard. Then the heavy lifting should be done.


And I'm still plugging away at the rosters of Lucas County in-service losses during our wars, Vietnam back to Civil. Looks like Vietnam, Korea and World War II will be done by Memorial Day as planned. World War I and the Civil War will just have to wait.

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