Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Praise the Lord and pass the three-bean salad

Some folks have faith in their physicians, others trust their lawyers and according to the latest CBS News Poll, 57 percent of us have confidence in the president of the U.S. of A. (that’s down some). Personally, I believe in three-bean salad.

Three-bean salad won’t kill you, is inexpensive and when its approval rating starts to drop won’t send a can of yellow wax beans to Cleveland to engage in damage control.

Mind you, not all three-bean salads are created equal. There are inedible canned varieties and stay away from the kind sold pre-prepared in grocery store delis.

But my Aunt Mary Krutsinger’s three-bean salad is perfection with just the right combination of sweet and sour. It’ll keep in the refrigerator practically forever. In fact, the longer it sits the better it gits. Here’s the recipe:

One No. 2 can cut green beans drained.
One No. 2 can yellow wax beans drained
One No. 2 can kidney beans rinsed and drained
Half cup minced onion
Half cup minced green pepper

Combine all of the above in a large bowl and pour over a dressing made by combining and mixing well the following:

Half cup salad oil
Half cup cider vinegar
Three-fourths cup sugar
Half teaspoon salt
Half teaspoon pepper

Keep the salad tightly covered in the refrigerator for at least a day, stirring now and then if you’re in the mood, then drain off the dressing before serving or carting off to a potluck.


Ed Abbey said...

I guess I don't trust any of those people you mentioned, except for possibly your Aunt Mary Krutsinger.

Wanda Horn said...

Any salad would taste great when served in THAT beautiful bowl!