Monday, June 15, 2009

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck?

Or meet the groundhog with one of Chariton's best-kept lawns --- courtesy of the Chariton Cemetery maintenance crew. I'd been hoping for a chance at a better shot after coming across this guy again after running into him a couple of weeks ago, but that's apparently not to be. And even if I got the chance, it's unlikely my little camera lense would do much better than this.

About 7 one morning a couple of weeks ago I spotted him (or her; who knows?) strolling up from the woods toward the parking area those of us who walk the cemetery generally use. I watched him; he reared up and watched me. Then he moved in no particular hurry toward a den in the slight hillside that descends from a driveway to the ditched stream that flows down to the river, glanced at me again, then vanished.

No sign of recent earthwork, so this must be an established den. No graves in the immediate area so no need to get excited about his presence. Fun to watch. I hope he sticks around.

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