Thursday, May 14, 2009

Back in the boneyard business

My goodness it's a beautiful morning here, although cool. Kirksville, Missouri, and smaller places in Adair and Sullivan counties took a hit from tornadoes overnight --- three reportedly killed --- and that's too sad and too close to home for comfort.

I headed out to Salem about 9:30, having declared myself officially back in the cemetery business --- the box of notes devoted to the Salem project finally turned up in the garage yesterday. So the Salem blog has received a few modest updates and more will be forthcoming.

That's Great-great-grandfather Jacob Myers in the foreground here, listing slightly, with his two Hickle grandchildren, Jacob and Rosa, immediately in front of him.

Since that project is fairly well under control now, I've been eyeing Ragtown Cemetery, also in Benton Township and just a couple of miles southeast of Salem, and wondering if I should do that one, too. We'll see. Ragtown, by the way, is not named that because its occupants were raggedy. It's named after Amos Ragsdale, a modest Benton Township entrepreneur who if I'm not mistaken was the first to live on what became first the Beals and then the Lloyd and Bessie May place just off the Transformer Road southwest of Russell.

It's going to be hard to stay in side today, where the most work is needed (what a mess), so I probably won't. I managed last night to get the big computer reassembled although not configured for this new-fangled Internet connection and it's now possible to at least walk into the downstairs bedroom and upstairs study --- almost impossible a day or two ago. So some progress is being made.

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